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We are members of your community, small business owners, craftsmen, and beer lovers.



We began as homebrewers and we apply that experience to the commercial scale. Jason Green and Matt Johnson, the co-founders of IMBĪB, both trace their roots to home-brewing. With more than 25 years combined experience as at-home brewers, these two made the transition from hobbyists to professionals and attribute much of their success to their home-brewing roots. Most brewing professionals who receive formal training rarely get to experiment or learn from mistakes, but Jason and Matt learned the fundamentals on a small scale and apply that knowledge to their award winning beer at the large scale. The proof is in the beer!


Jason Green

Co-Founder, Brewmaster

A true native Nevadan, Jason was raised in Spring Creek, Nevada. Jason is not only a talented brewer but also an accomplished hunter, an amazing father, and an all-around good human being. Jason perfected his craft as a homebrewer and has helped us adapt to the commercial scale with his deep understanding of brewing theory as well as his command of economics.


Matt Johnson

Co-Founder, Jack of All Trades

Matt Johnson is IMBĪB’s “Jack of All Trades.” A talented homebrewer, Matt has helped the business grow from an idea to reality. Matt still brews but also spends much of his time helping the business succeed behind the scenes through marketing, managing, tracking, and toilet cleaning.

Trevor Blackburn

Brewer, Spiritual Guide

Trevor is a talented brewer who recently completed an intensive degree in brewing science. He brings both a practical approach and a creative energy to our brewery and we feel lucky to have him on our team. Trevor is a humble human with an artistic vision and he has helped us continue to professionalize our operations for years to come.