/imˈbīb/: To Drink; To Receive Into the Mind and Retain

We are Reno’s Homegrown Brewery.
We create the most diverse and authentic lineup of beer in Northern Nevada. We both embrace tradition and push the boundaries of beer. There is always a beer on our tap list that will please every palate.


We’ve been brewing in Northern Nevada since 2012 and our approach to crafting beer is a little different than most.

We’re extremely proud of the diverse line-up of beer that we brew up and have the awards to back it up.

From west coast to east coast to experimental styles, we brew a variety of hop forward beers including IPA’s, pale ales, hazy’s, and even dry hopped sour beers.

We are well known for our barrel-aged beer whether it’s a sour beer from a wine barrel, or a big, bold, bourbon barrel-aged beer.

Whatever beer you like to drink, we’ve got it.



The perfect place for beer and a good time.

We’ve been known for our beer since our inceptions and that isn’t changing any time soon. Inspired by the beers of Germany, we strive to deliver new flavors and make your next favorite brew.

Visit us in our Reno or Sparks Taproom to try the staples and the newest concoctions. 

We began as homebrewers and we apply that experience to the commercial scale.

Jason Green and Matt Johnson, the co-founders of IMBĪB, both trace their roots to home-brewing. With more than 25 years combined experience as at-home brewers, these two made the transition from hobbyists to professionals and attribute much of their success to their home-brewing roots.

Most brewing professionals who receive formal training rarely get to experiment or learn from mistakes, but Jason and Matt learned the fundamentals on a small scale and apply that knowledge to their award-winning beer at a large scale. The proof is in the beer!

Tastings, pairings, parties and more, we love throwing events. Every time we release a new beer we celebrate with a tasting event.

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